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Intel Inside®. Tehokasta tuottavuutta.
Varustettu Intel® Xeon® -suorittimella.

CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle

Long Lifecycle CELSIUS W520
If you need a stable workstation for entry-level 3D or CAD applications, the FUJITSU CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle offers performance and stability throughout a minimum lifecycle of 36 months.
Intel Inside®. Tehokasta tuottavuutta.
Varustettu Intel® Xeon® -suorittimella.
Name: CELSIUS W520 Long Lifecycle
Processor: Up to Intel® Xeon® processor
Operating System: Windows 8
Memory: Up to 32 GB
Hard Disk Drives: Up to 6x 1000 GB SSHD
Graphics: NVIDIA® Quadro® K5000
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Long lifecycle

  • Continuity and availability for long-term projects
  • Minimum lifecycle of 36 months Legacy PCI slot

Powerful desktop workstation

  • Get more done in less time
  • The fastest available processors, graphics cards and hard disk drives for entry-level 3D/CAD or DCC applications


  • Highest quality and reliability for continouos productivity
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany

Leading workstation application certification

  • Maximum compatibility and performance with customer-preferred applications
  • Full support for ISV applications and easy integration into existing IT environments

Easy and rapid change of hard disk drives

  • Quick upgrades and changes of hard disk drives
  • Cold plug access at front